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based in Berlin, Germany

I’ve been taking photos for decades and I do it with great enthusiasm. Capturing scenes of daily life on the streets and the beauty of the places I get to visit while traveling, is a great passion.

People are my most important motif. It is always important to me to show the person in their portrait as authentic and strong, competent and approachable, interesting and curious.

My nature, my curiosity and my interest in people help me to deal openly with my subjects, see their expectations of their portrait. This creates the basis for a pleasant, unexcited – and yet concentrated – interaction. Expressive portraits can be created here.

As the well-known New York artist, photographer and curator Edward Steichen said: 

“A portrait is not created in, but on both sides of the camera!”

I look forward to our collaboration and a photo session with you! 

The Studio

My studio is located in Kreuzberg. Being on the 5th floor, it has beautiful natural light, especially in the late afternoon. 

jqp Studio

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